Language Service

We aim to provide a quality service tailored to meet the needs of people who require our support.  Our range of language service professionals (LSP’s) are appropriately qualified and experienced people who deliver their work to a high standard.

Our team of BSL/English Interpreters are all registered with the NRCPD (National Register of Communication Professionals working with Deaf and Deafblind people).


BSL/English Interpreters bridge the communication gap between deaf people who use sign language to communicate and those who do not.

In addition to BSL/English Interpreters [sonus] offers other types of communication support including:


   • Deafblind interpreting

   • Lipspeakers

   • Manual and electronic note takers


‘’The service provided is always 1st class, prompt and efficient…if I did not have the support of this team, life would be so much harder for me’

User of an electronic note taker




We provide interpreting services for a variety of settings including


   • Medical

   • Education and training courses

   • Work support

   • Theatre

   • Police

   • Legal

   • Weddings and funerals

   • Community


Taking into consideration the nature of the assignment, our booking team provide the most suitable LSP to meet the needs of the people involved.



Translation service

We are able to provide British Sign Language (BSL) access to websites and publicity materials, or to translate English documents into BSL.


For more information on costs or to book an interpreter or other LSP please contact us:


Tel: 02380 213888


Fax: 02380 213881







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